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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Awaiting Bliss by Elle Henry

Q: Welcome to the Fossend Publishing blog Elle. Can you give the readers a brief overview of your book, Awaiting Bliss.
A: The novel Awaiting Bliss is all about finding your inner happiness. Letting go of any drama in your life by living your best life and becoming your best self. The main character Allison Jacobs has endured many trying times in her romantic life. An atypical people pleaser—Allison realises she will never find that unexpected happiness until she becomes one in her own skin. For once she decides to forgo proper etiquette and live life.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself as an author.
A: Surprisingly, I’m very aloof and introverted. I may even come off as shy in some social settings. On the exterior I’m well put together, however, on the inside I’m a ball of nerves. A bit of a dork—I love anything Victorian. An avid bibliophile, I can spend hours in the day reading. It’s the best part of being an editor. I get to read get stories!

Q: What prompted you to write Awaiting Bliss, which is contemporary romance?
A: Awaiting Bliss is actually the very first manuscript I’ve ever drafted. The story itself is almost five years old. Allison was my very first character creation, and like many writers I was very protective of her story. I did introduce her in Pieces of Me; however, I wasn’t ready to tell her complete story yet. I needed to grow some more as a writer. 

Q: Did you face any challenges when writing it?  
A: The sexual content was out of my comfort zone as a writer. I wanted a challenge with this novel. It’s very steamy and adult without being raunchy. At the end of the day the story is romantic and tasteful. 

Q: What type of writer are you. Are you a plotter or Pantser? 
A: A little bit of both now. In the beginning, I would definitely say I was a pantser. I would grab a pen or my MacBook and let inspiration find me. Now, I see that having an outline is very important when it comes to the flow of a story. I don’t necessarily plot every scene, but I do have an idea of what the chapters will look like. Best of both worlds!

Q: Do you have any specific writing routines?  
A: Yes, I ALWAYS write in pyjamas! I don’t why but it has become tradition. Every since the first book, I’ve written in pyjamas it’s sorta of a good luck thing for me. Also, I need my Twinings Earl Grey tea. 

Q: Writing can be hard work, what do you do to relax, or when you need to step away from the computer for a bit? 
A: Manicures and pedicures are a must in my life. I like going to get pampered every couple of weeks—leaving all my real world problems; behind even if it’s own for a couple of hours

Q: What is the best thing about writing?
A: Going on the journey with your characters. You maybe the author; however, the characters drive the story. Awaiting Bliss started in a very different direction. I’m glad these characters forced me outside of my comfort zone. 

Q: What is the worst thing about writing? 
A: Editing and Revision. Never edit your work, it’s the best advice I can give. 

Q: What’s next for Elle Henry?
A: I’m planning on completing book two Awaiting Desire due out Valentine’s day and The Beautiful Ones, the follow up to More Than Words. 

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About the Author

Elle Henry is an Amazon bestselling author, her works include two Poetry and Story Collections: Pieces of Me and Epiphany, novels More Than Words and Awaiting Bliss Anthologies Nightmarish Eve and Black, Blue and Purple Pain. Her education includes BA and MA in English and Creative Writing. Aside from her writing, she is a blogger for Hype Orlando “Candidly Elle”. She’s an Editor and writing consultant for self-publishing writers through her company Tres Chic Edits. Elle credits her inspiration from some of her favorite authors such as the Bronte sisters, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Daphne Du Maurier, Sylvia Plath and Stephen King. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading and visiting museums. Originally from Orlando, Elle now lives with her family in Pennsylvania.  

To learn more about Elle visit her website, or follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Goodreads

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