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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dark by Paul Arvidson

Book Description
In the Strange labyrinth of pipes on the planet called Dark, things are falling apart. Dun doesn’t want to be a hero, he just wants to find an answer to the terrifying dreams he’s been having. But the answers, the real answers, are going to take him places he’s never imagined and tear him from the only home he’s ever known. 
With a only half made map from his missing father, he’ll need all the help he can get. With an old friend, a new friend and the mysterious Myrch to guide him, he journeys through parts of his world he’s never imagined.
Are his dreams real foretellings? Who can he trust to be who they say they are? What are the strange forces that seem to be literally pulling their world apart? As he travels through a work that is much bigger than he thought it was, he learns more about himself than he ever knew there was to know.

Q: Welcome to the Fossend Publishing blog Paul. Can you give readers a brief overview of your book Dark.
A: It is the first book of an SFF trilogy set on an entirely lightless abandoned colony planet called ‘Dark’, where tribes of creatures exist in the pipes and passages. It tells the story of Dun, a young Bridge-folk, who needs to find answers to his terrifying dreams. The  answers will take him and his friends to the end of their world.

Q: What inspired you to write Dark?
A: One evening doing a night feed of my youngest I imagined these creatures that weren’t quite human, but could speak, that lived on a world entirely in the darkness. I wondered could you still have heroes who have adventures in that kind of a world (turns out you can!)

Q: Was writing a book set in the dark different to writing a book based on normal circumstances? 
A: Definitely. Trying to write not using visual descriptors is tricksy at best. You don’t realise quite how much of a habit it is to refer to the world in that way. (You see? Looks like trouble? etc.) The characters can’t use any of that kind of language because it would mean nothing to them. The trouble is weeding them out of the text as spell checkers and grammar checkers don’t flag them up. 

Q: Did it influence or change your writing style?
A: Two main things. Firstly learning to paint a picture in smell, texture, sound and taste. I think that’s going to stay with me for a while yet.
Secondly, it steered me towards driving the plot with dialogue. The things that came out of the crazy world most clearly, were the voices.

Q: Did writing Dark involve any research?
A: Once I’d decided on the idea of a world that had no light, I had to work out if that was in any way viable or believable. I spent a load of time researching extremophile environments on earth where whole ecosystems exist that never have any light at all (subterranean caves, black smoker eco-systems in ocean trenches etc). Luckily it turned out that scientifically it was possible, I just had to work out some fun adventures for them to have.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about writing?
A: As a discovery writer, the most fun is once you’ve made the world (and realised it works!) and created some characters, then you send them out for a walk and the story and the characters take on a life of their own.

Q: What do you dislike the most about writing?
A: Editing. Very hard work. Deleting swathes of stuff is soul destroying. Necessary, but soul destroying.

Q: Can you share a typical day in the life of Paul Arvidson as a writer?
A: Get up, make tea, get kids dressed, feed kids, put kids on the bus (with my wife Cheryl). Then coffee and maybe some yoga, check emails answer any urgents, then a good solid hour or two writing. 
Make lunch, then tea, finish any outstanding stuff, start a line for the next chapter (never leave a blank page for the next day), then a couple of hours marketing. Twitter or FB stuff or whatever scheme I have to build up the readers club.
Kids home from school off bus, tea and homework, then chill out time & maybe TV or Netflix. Kids bath, bed and stories.

Assuming I’m not too knackered, some recording of audio stuff (book trailers, planning podcast serial of Dark, to go up on blog)

Q: What’s next for Paul Arvidson?
A: Currently writing book 2 of trilogy, called ‘Darker’. Audio podcast of book one to follow this year. 

Once I’ve got three books of Dark written, I fancy writing something completely different. Maybe a thriller.

Quick fire round
Beach or countryside – Can I have countryside with a river?

EBook or paperback – One of each.

Classic or modern – Got to be modern.

Notebook and pen or computer – Ideas pen, actual writing – computer.

Sun or Snow snow.

About the Author

Paul Arvidson is a forty-something ex lighting designer who lives in rural Somerset. He juggles his non-author time bringing up his children and fighting against being sucked into his wife’s chicken breeding business. Dark is his first novel.

To learn more about Paul Arvidson follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or his blog Into the Dark Book. You can also sign up to his newsletter for regular updates. Dark is also available on iTunes.

Friday, 27 January 2017

The Diary of a Broken Father by Sylvia Stein

Q: Welcome back to the Fossend Publishing blog Sylvia. Can you give readers a brief overview of your Book The Diary of a Broken Father.
A: Yes, I can:  

In The Diary of a Broken Father, Garrison James shares his story from his own perspective of what his life is like now that he decided to go into AA in the hopes of changing his life.    

He shares the accounts of his daily struggles since his daughter Sara has left his side and what it meant for him to lose her.  

He is haunted by her loss and is also haunted by the memories of his beloved wife Lila whom he lost to cancer.  

Garrison is one broken man who is battling his demons and is also fighting his demons.   This includes with himself and God.  

In this novella you will hear from Garrison James as he battles through being a better man all in the hopes of reconciling with his only daughter whom he has hurt so much.  

Will he be able to do it?   Is it too late for him?  What will happen next?  

Q: What inspired you to write The Diary of a Broken Father?
A: The inspiration behind the Diary of a Broken Father came from wanting to tell Garrison’s story and his journey from an alcoholic man and how he works to try and rebuild himself and the demons he carries.   I wanted to share this story to try to help others who have been there.  I have known people who have done this within my own family and around me.    I wanted to spread a message.  

Q: So, The Diary of a Broken Father, is a prequel to your first novella Closure. Why did you feel it necessary to write a prequel?
A: Well when I wrote Closure I had many readers ask me more about Garrison and how they thought he should be able to tell his own side of things.   Many thought they could like him if they knew his journey.   This got me thinking.   Then while at my last Semester at SNHU I created The Diary of a Broken Father.  

Q: Did writing The Diary of a Broken Father involve any research?
A: I am glad you asked this question.  Yes, there was research involved in the diary of a broken Father.  This was in regards to the 12 steps of AA.  I wanted to get it right.   

Q: What do you enjoy the most about writing?
A: I love when an idea comes to me and I can jot it down in an outline.  I love creating the stories and characters and watch it all come together.   

Q: What do you dislike the most about writing?
A: One thing I really dislike about writing is editing.  I never enjoy that part and having to go over it and re-read is not fun for me.  I also dislike working on blurbs for my books.  I do it but it is not fun for me.  

Q: Can you share a typical day in the life of Sylvia Stein as a writer?
A: A Typical day of Writing for me is when I can sit back for about 3-4 hours in the day and just write without any interruptions.  I love it when I can place some movie scores/ or classical music on Spotify and just work on my stories.   

Q: What’s next for Sylvia Stein?
A: Well the plan is to release The Diary of a Broken Father this coming month of February 2017.   Then I have a book event coming this October 2017 in Kalamazoo Michigan I am excited about that.   Also I am working on my first thriller coming out Next year 2018 and then hopefully continuing on more of my Podcasts and My Huff-Post blog.  Not to mention spending time with my amazing Husband and children.  

Quick fire round
Beach or countryside - Beach

EBook or paperback - I still enjoy paperback more than an E-book. 

Classic or modern - Classic 

Notebook and pen or computer - Notebook and pen. 

Sun or Snow - Sun 

About the Author:

Sylvia Stein is an Indie published author with several anthologies with her Writer’s group 750 on linked in.  Stein obtained a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University this past July 2015.  She is a mother of three beautiful children Paul 10, Michael 9 and Consuelo 6.  She resides in the city of Fuquay Varina with her amazing husband Jeremy.  Stein has also published two solo books one was her first novella Closure which she worked on while attending SNHU and published in July of 2014 and the other her first YA Chasing Clarity was published this past October 2015 and it was created during National Novel Month (Nano) in 2013.  When she is not writing she enjoys time with her children and husband.  The Diary of a Broken Father will be out this February 2017.    

To learn more about Sylvia Stein follow her on Facebook, Twitter or check out her website

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Wrong Stuff by Guy Thair

Q: Welcome to the Fossend Publishing blog Guy. Can you give readers a brief overview of your book The Wrong Stuff.
A: Hannah Meredith has always had a good eye and she's a veteran bargain hunter, but she isn't prepared, when she buys the box marked "Stuff" at a mysterious auction, for her world to suddenly unravel into a series of increasingly bizarre and terrifying events.
Soon on the run from a sinister cabal of vengeful corporate villains and their homicidal henchmen, Hannah must foil an evil plan to bring the world to the brink of global economic collapse, all the while keeping one step ahead of her pursuers.
A fast-moving thriller with a sci-fi twist, the plot stretches from chases through grimy backstreets of Victorian London back to the present day, where sudden violence shatters the tranquility of the English countryside. 

Q: What inspired you to write The Wrong Stuff?
A: I have been writing short stories on my blog for the last couple of years. I use writing prompts from other bloggers to inspire me and, in November of 2015 I began a story based on the single word, "Stuff". 
After reaching the end of the initial post I thought the story was worth continuing, so I decided to use each subsequent prompt to write a new chapter, until to my surprise I had written over 50,000 words and appeared to have a book on my hands.

Q: You have mentioned that The Wrong Stuff is an unusually composed accidental novel. Why did you choose this particular way of working? 
A: It's how I always write; unplanned, improvised and with only the very vaguest idea of where it will end up.

Q: Did writing The Wrong Stuff involve any research?
A: Nope, none at all. It was written as part of "Stream of consciousness Saturday", a blogging feature I take part in and the rules preclude anything other than the barest minimum of advance planning.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about writing?
A: I've always loved words and language, so making them tell stories is all part of the fun. Also, since I never plan anything, writing my stories is just as much of an adventure for me as it is for whoever ends up reading them.

Q: What do you dislike the most about writing?
A: I can't think of anything. My main problem is finding the time to write.

Q: Can you share a typical day in the life of Guy Thair as a writer?
A: A typical day? Well, I have a family and a full time day job, so all my blogging/writing activities have to fit in around that. I try to get as much done at the weekend as possible, but I have a young daughter to keep entertained and that usually means the bulk of my work is crammed into a few hours each Sunday, when she's either out playing with her friends or glued to YouTube. With three of us living in a small flat, it's often difficult to find a quiet place where I can concentrate, so I make the most of any peace and quiet as and when I can get it.

Q: What’s next for Guy Thair?
A: Well, my publisher has already asked for a sequel to The Wrong Stuff, so I shall have to begin work on that soon, but in the meantime I will continue blogging; making stuff up and writing it down for my own entertainment, just in case I write another novel by accident.

Quick fire round
Beach or countryside - Countryside, I can think of anything more tedious than sitting on a beach all day.

EBook or paperback - Paperback every time.

Classic or modern - A mixture of both, I think.

Notebook and pen or computer - Just my phone, I've never needed anything else

Sun or Snow - Oh, sun, definitely, I can't stand snow.

About the Author:

After growing up in Sussex, (in the hometown of AA Milne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creators of Winnie the Pooh and Sherlock Holmes respectively)  Guy Thair now lives in Devon, in the South West of England with his wife and daughter (who are American and whose story is documented in my blog; A Love Affair) and he has been blogging under the byline of "dalecooper57" for about five years. Guy's various blogs cover everything from fiction and photography to animation and music, all of which he has managed to achieve using just his smartphone. Guy work's for an American aerospace firm and most of his spare time is spent with his family or finding new writing projects to get involved in. 

To learn more about Guy, follow him on Twitter, or Facebook, or follow his blogs: Facebook, Diary of an internet nobody, A love Affair. 

Friday, 6 January 2017


I’d like to welcome Devon author Richard Dee to the Fossend Publish blog. Richard is releasing his next book Myra on March 15th 2017. In advance of the launch Richard is sharing his fantastic book cover, the book description and the first chapter of the book that is available to read on his website.

Book Description:
"I turned, and even though I didn’t immediately realise it, it was then that I fell in love.”
Meet Dave Travise, at least that’s who his identity chip says he is. An ex-Navy man on the run; somehow he’s ended up in a dead man’s shoes; on a new ship and on the wrong side of the law. With no way to prove his innocence, he’s just got to play along and keep his head down if he’s going to survive. As if he doesn’t have enough problems, now he’s fallen for Myra, the engineer on his new home.
Pursued by criminal gangs and keeping one jump ahead of everyone, Dave and his new shipmates are going to need all the luck in the Galaxy just to stay alive.
Myra tells the story of how Finn Douglas, Naval Officer; became Dave Travise, Galactic Trader. And what happened before Freefall."

The first chapter is available now on Richard’s website.

About the Author:
Richard was born in Brixham in Devon in 1958. As a teenager, he left Devon and moved first to London and then to Maidstone in Kent. In 1975, after a spell working in a Safeway supermarket (Remember them?) Richard went to Sea and travelled the world in the Merchant Navy, qualifying as a Master Mariner in 1986.
In 1988 he gave up the four to five-month trips and came ashore to spend more time with his family. Richard used his sea-going knowledge in several jobs, including Dockmaster at Tilbury, Insurance Surveyor and Port Control Officer in both Sheerness and London,
In 1994 Richard was head-hunted and offered a job as a Thames Estuary Pilot. In 1999 he transferred to the Thames River Pilots, where he regularly took vessels of all sizes through the Thames Barrier and upriver as far as H.M.S. Belfast and through Tower Bridge.
In all, Richard piloted over 3,500 vessels in a 22-year career with the Port of London Authority. Richard appeared on National Geographic “Megacities,” where he described the process of taking a sailing ship through Tower Bridge.
Richard was offered part time work in 2010, which allowed him to return to live in Brixham, where he took up writing and blogging. During this time, Richard also set up and ran a successful Organic bakery, supplying local shops and caf├ęs with Sourdough and Spelt breads. The urge to write eventually overtook the urge to bake but Richard still makes bread for friends and family.
Richard finally retired in 2015, by which time he had already self-published his first science-fiction novel “Freefall.” With more time on his hands, it was followed by “Ribbonworld” in 2015.
September 2016 saw the publication of Richard's Steampunk adventure “The Rocks of Aserol.” and “Flash Fiction,” a collection of Short Stories.
Richard contributed a story to the “1066 Turned Upside Down” collection and he is currently working on prequels, sequels, and new projects. The prequel to “Freefall,” entitled “Myra,” will be published in March 2017.
Richard publishes through his own imprint, 4Star Scifi, named in homage to his wife and daughters, his 4 Stars.
Richard Dee is Richard's pen name.

To learn more about Richard Dee, visit his website, find his books on Amazon, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.