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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

New Release!
Chasing Clarity by Sylvia Stein.

I would like to welcome Sylvia back to my blog. She is releasing her second novel this week, a novel called Chasing Clarity.

What happens when you lose the person most important to you and are left to pick up the pieces?

Mia Gerard had always wanted to be a trained dancer yet she has just lost the love of her life in a tragic accident. Leo Dancy was her best friend and soul mate. As she tries to deal with losing him, she finds his absence unbearable and she feels lost without him.

But then a great opportunity arises for Mia that she just can’t turn down.
She is accepted into the New York Dance Academy of performing arts.
At first she is overwhelmed but once she gets there she begins to allow herself to heal.

This is when she comes across Henry Watson a painter with aspirations of acquiring his own exhibit one day. While she ponders her feelings for Henry, will she be too late? or will she find the clarity she needs and chase after him?

Author's note
This book began it’s journey in 2013 for the National Novel Month but the idea for this book began in July of this same year. You know it is amazing how one character from a show can impact so much of my life and it did when I awoke to the tragic news of his death.   It was something so profound and for me it felt like losing a part of my family.    I thought about the pain and hurt it caused those he loved and this is when Chasing Clarity was born.  However I did not want to write his story.  It was more about bringing the theme of love and loss and how my main character Mia will try to overcome the tragic obstacles and be able to find a purpose and pursue on her dreams.   I know friends who are like family that have been through this type of pain and my hope is that Mia’s story will help in the healing process of their own hearts. 

Chasing Clarity book trailer
About the author

Author Sylvia Stein began her path to writing when she joined the Writer’s Group on Linked in 750 in 2012 and she also started to connect with other authors through the World Literary CafĂ©.  She continued her journey by creating short stories, which were published, in the Giant tales Anthology series. While obtaining her Masters degree at Southern New Hampshire University online author Stein built a solid foundation with her colleagues who encouraged her to continue on her writing. That’s when Closure was born. With the help of her editor Closure grew from a short story to a full novella that Author Stein is excited to share.  Her First Debut Novel came in July 31, 2014 entitled, Closure and now she has just released her first YA called Chasing Clarity out 5th October 2015. "This is the first of many to come."

To learn more about Sylvia you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She also has a Blog called Sylvia Steins Writing Corner as well as a YouTube page.
To find Sylvia's Books on Amazon, click here.

Closure by Sylvia Stein
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