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Monday, 18 May 2015

Interesting and hidden London. Museums - Part One

London is an interesting place. At times it can be chaotic, crowded and overbearing, but it also has a great history and is full of exciting things to do. I have decided to do a series on all my favourite things about London, including its history, the museums and monuments.

There are some incredible Museums in London. The city is filled with them. From the bigger more popular Museums like the V&A to smaller lesser known ones like the Bank of England Museum. At these museum's you can learn so much about world and UK history, popular culture and palaeontology. It's hard to choose favourites, but over the next few weeks I will highlight a few popular ones as well as some lesser known ones.

I have to admit, that the British Museum is one of my all time favourite Museums, I spend a lot of time there and just love the place. Holding some of the world's most renowned ancient treasures such as the Rosetta stone, the Parthenon marbles, and the Sutton hoo collection, the British Museum is a great place to learn all about ancient and world history. 

Courtyard and Atrium

Ancient pottery

Statue of Ramesses II

Parthenon wall frieze

Huastec Goddess, Mexico

Gebelein Man, Egypt, Predynastic period, around 3500 BC

Hoa Hakananai’a Easter Island statue

As well as being guardians of wonderful exhibits from around the world, the British Museum also holds special exhibitions in the 'Reading room'. These exhibits explore Ancient life and Art, and highlight touring exhibits and special pieces loaned from other museums.

The British Museum also has some wonderful gift shops, and what I think, is the best book shop in London for buying historical and archaeological themed books. The book shop is one of my favourite things about the Museum. If you love reading about history, it will likely have the book you are looking for. They also have a brilliant book sculpture in the bookshop window too, that I just adore!

British Museum bookshop

British Museum bookshop

That's all for now, but if this post has inspired you to visit the Museum, you can find everything you need to know about the exhibits, opening times and how to get there on their website

Next time. The Petrie Museum at UCL.

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