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Fossend Publishing

Sunday, 23 September 2012

My writing Assistants

This is a cheeky/fun post today.  I thought I'd introduce you to my two gorgeous writing assistants.  Every day they assist me with their own particular style of 'helping' and I love having them around.


Luna is named after the Roman Goddess of the Moon.  Her favourite duties are sleeping nestled against the back of the laptop, or sleeping on top of the keyboard adding her own brand of typing to whatever it is I'm working on!

Flora is named after the Roman Goddess of Spring and Flowers. Her favourite duties are sleeping.  She is also excellent at cuddles and often interrupts work to nuzzle my hand, sit on my lap and cuddle whilst purring loudly.

I highly recommend getting a couple of assistants, they make you smile and make the day a worthwhile one!

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